Follow Luca's guidance and allow yourself the pleasure of a full immersion into the Italian culture, discovering the authentic taste of Italy and its traditions.

The only way to really explore and learn about a place is to hangout with the locals to give you a meaningful understanding of the history of the place and the way of life there. So let me take you on a journey. I have hand-picked each part of the tours to include everything you need to get the most out of the destination and extra touches in a very unique way. Between the classic touristic attractions, the tours will take you to a range of locations, from markets and bakery, to rural cheese factory, or fancy vineyards. At each of the stops you’ll try a traditional product, dish or beverage. You will learn how to make a real pizza, handmade pasta, limoncello, and so on. You will also learn about the history of the place and all the fascinating local legends to give you a deeper understanding of the life there.

The tours also include exclusive cooking demonstrations and classes with local grannies and chefs that will bring you through traditional recipes, so you won’t just know how to eat like a local, you’ll know how to prepare food like one too! You will have a private local guide throughout your journey which will bring you to a different adventure every day, discovering hidden gems that only locals know about.

New tours for 2023 are getting ready. New dates and itineraries to be published soon.

Stay tuned in!