Cooking Experiences


These workshops are an introduction to making delicious Italian recipes, using the freshest ingredients, that can then be recreated any time again at home. The venue is warm and welcoming apartment located in central London, near Victoria station, for a maximum of 8 persons. All ingredients will be provided for (you won't need to worry about shopping and carrying heavy bags). There will be an arrival drink and “antipasti” to welcome you to the workshop. Additional wine will be available throughout the session.

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I organise Online and In-person cooking classes, workshops and themed events specifically designed for the colourful rainbow community.

At these hands-on cooking events, guests will learn gourmet-cooking techniques, eat delicious food, drink delicious sparkling wines and meet other fun gay men and couples.

Cooking together will be a way to break the ice and start to explore our masculinity in a safe, respectful and non-judgemental environment. It is designed for a small number of people to keep the atmosphere intimate and allow you to learn and socialise without pressure.
While we cook and drink, we can focus on making professional and personal connections, sharing advice, jokes, personal stories and even flirting. The goal is to provide a safe space for gay guys to explore and share their stories with one another and to provide support on how to navigate the world as a queer person while learning an eating delicious food.

Guests are greeted at the door with some nibbles and arrival drink. After a few introductory cooking tips and a bit of history behind the dish, guests are divided into cooking teams. Each team works on a recipe from the menu, while sipping wine and listening to upbeat music. The group can then savour the fruits of their labour with new friends (or maybe a new hottie!)

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Learn how to cook delicious Italian food from the comfort of your own kitchen.

My online cooking class will allow you to follow my instructions and create outstanding meals from scratch and you will feel confident and proud of something you created with your own hands. These virtual classes are the perfect way to do something sociable and fun, have fun with your colleagues, friends and family or simply a solo journey to creating an outstanding meal.

All you need is a cam-enabled device connected to the internet, kitchen facility, some simple ingredients and your appetite for goof food and fun!

A few days before the class you will receive a full list of ingredients and utensils required plus a zoom link to join the class.

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Looking for something entertaining to do with your colleagues? Would you like to spend a few hours learning new skills and strengthening team relationships whilst having a great time in an uplifting and fun environment?  My online interactive cooking classes or live cooking workshops are a great way to keep your team’s morale connected and positive. I believe that the magic of creating a meal together inspires connection. My interactive, entertaining and meaningful cooking events enhance team cohesion, foster working relationships and motivate and improve productivity by building team trust.

You can arrange this as an online cooking class or as a live workshop in a central London venue.

Simply get in touch at and we can discuss all your requirements.

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Are you looking for a unique and special way to entertain your guests at your private dinner party? Would you like to spice up your Birthday party, Hen-do or Baby shower?

Whether it’s a 1 to 1 or a group of friends who are looking for a fun activity, then get in touch and I can tailor-make a cooking class designed specifically for your needs. It could be an online cooking class from the comfort of our own kitchen or an in-person experience in a cosy apartment in central London for 8 persons or a bigger venue for up to 25 people. Wherever the venue, rest assured that you and your guests will have a great time learning to cook pasta and other Italian dishes.

Simply get in touch at and we can discuss all your requirements.

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Follow Luca's guidance and allow yourself the pleasure of a full immersion into the Italian culture, discovering the authentic taste of Italy and its traditions.

The only way to really explore and learn about a place is to hangout with the locals to give you a meaningful understanding of the history of the place and the way of life there. So let me take you on a journey. I have hand-picked each part of the tours to include everything you need to get the most out of the destination and extra touches in a very unique way. Between the classic touristic attractions, the tours will take you to a range of locations, from markets and bakery, to rural cheese factory, or fancy vineyards. At each of the stops you’ll try a traditional product, dish or beverage. You will learn how to make a real pizza, handmade pasta, limoncello, and so on. You will also learn about the history of the place and all the fascinating local legends to give you a deeper understanding of the life there.

The tours also include exclusive cooking demonstrations and classes with local grannies and chefs that will bring you through traditional recipes, so you won’t just know how to eat like a local, you’ll know how to prepare food like one too! You will have a private local guide throughout your journey which will bring you to a different adventure every day, discovering hidden gems that only locals know about.

New tours for 2023 are getting ready. New dates and itineraries to be published soon.

Stay tuned in! 

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