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Learn new skills and how to make delicious food from the comfort of your own kitchen. My online cooking class will allow you to follow my instructions and create outstanding meals from scratch. You will feel confident and proud of something you created with your own hands.
Using the freshest ingredients, these workshops are an introduction to making delicious Italian recipes that you can recreate at home time and time again. They will take place in a lovely and welcoming apartment in central London. I will provide all the ingredients so you don’t need to worry about shopping and carrying heavy bags.
Are you looking for something special to entertain your guests at your private dinner party? Would you like to spice up your Birthday party or Baby shower? I offer live cooking classes for up to 20 guests in your own kitchen, living room or any other space where I can teach you and your guests how to make fresh pasta and other Italian dishes.
Looking for something entertaining to do with your colleagues? Would you like to spend a few hours learning new skills while having a great time building relantioships in your team with an uplifting mood and lots of laughs?
I offer Online cooking classes, workshops, themed events and food tours specifically designed for the coulourful rainbow community.
Follow Luca’s guidance and allow yourself the pleasure of a full immersion into the Italian culture, discovering the authentic taste of Italy and its traditions. The only way to really explore and learn about a place is to hangout with the locals to give you a meaningful understanding of the history of the place and the way of life there. So let me take you on a journey.